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What my clients are saying…….
I have hand picked some of my favourites to show you just how effective and fast the changes can be.  We spend a fortune on our external image, papering over the cracks but spend very little on what goes on inside us.  Are you ready to invest in the real you? To be the person you have always longed to be? I believe you are which is why you are here reading this page. Change is possible when there is hope as all my clients below confirm, you are no longer alone, allow me to help you. Best wishes to you, Karen


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I came to see Karen for my anxiety and anger. These issues were holding me back day to day, in all areas of my life; in my work and in my relationships with my partner and my family.  Just one session helped me to understand and deal with these issues whereby I no longer feel the need to feel anger or anxiety. I now think clearly and have a positive mindset, and I feel like I can accomplish anything as my beliefs and thoughts have now changed.

I found the experience very therapeutic, Karen really made me feel relaxed and calm during the session and working over zoom was easy as Karen spoke clearly and was easy to understand.  I’d work with Karen again and would recommend her to others!  The whole experience was most definitely value for money.

I really appreciate all of your help Karen, myself and others around me have seen a massive change within myself. I’m a much happier and positive person :). Thank you.

Damian (Basingstoke)


I’d been suffering from depression for about 17 years. It went up and down but over the last 3 to 4 years I’ve been in a really bad place. Wanting to end my life had been on my mind for a long time. I turned to Karen for the help I desperately needed. I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy as I class myself as a realist and didn’t think this would work on me. However Karen and her sessions have been a fantastic influence on me.

I kicked a drug habit I’ve had for 15 years and have never felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin and my finances are improving. I’m still not happy with aspects in my life but I now have the confidence to tackle them and a focused plan which I’m acting on and it’s all due to my one Zoom session with Karen and the personalised audio recording she made for me during the session. I listened to the recording for 21 days and we had her regular check-ins during this time.

I would absolutely recommend Karen’s sessions to anyone looking to change their mindset and to make a meaningful change to their life. It’s worked for me and it will work for anyone wanting that change. I am really grateful and so are my family for what Karen has done for me.

Jim (Basingstoke)


I came to see Karen for my depression, anxiety and lack of self belief. The session helped me to look at scenarios from the past and to realise that I am not the person I once was and if those events where to have happened now I would be able to deal with them differently and express myself much better.

I found the session enlightening, it really helped me to get over past traumas and move on.  Working with Karen was great, it felt like we really connected and she got to the root of the problems I had quickly and removed them.  I am so glad I found Karen it’s been 100% the best thing I have ever done and my mental health stability has never been better. One session was all it took, amazing value for money!

I want to thank Karen for her support and for believing in me. I never thought I would be able to move forward with my life and feel this good. I am back out in the world and I now believe in myself and no longer feel anxious or depressed.

Daniel (Basingstoke)


Karen was recommended to me by a good friend after he had an amazing experience. I was a little nervous at first because of a not so great session with a therapist in the past. However after a conversation with Karen on the phone I could tell she was kind, interested and understanding.  Immediately I felt very at ease and keen to tackle my problems.

I had been dealing with heavy depression, anxiety and a sense of being lost, unable to let go of problems from the past. I had never experienced hypnotherapy before but found the session with her extremely relaxing and enlightening.  Being completely free of the fear of judgment I was very comfortable to talk openly, she is a fantastic listener.  The techniques she has given to me to deal with my problems and pick the path I want in life are working for me. I would definitely see her again and I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels like they need help.

I know from past experience that certain therapy can be very expensive, I’ve been stung before. But this was not the experience I had with Karen.  From one session I’ve learnt a great deal about myself and feel like I’m finally taking steps in the right direction rather than being caught in a downwards spiral, in my eyes that’s great value for money.

Jamie (Haslemere)


Before I came to see Karen I had found myself in a very dark place and I needed a mentor to assist me getting out of it. Severe anxiety and depression took over my life and I couldn’t manage to overcome this by myself.  By identifying the core of the issues I was going through, Karen managed to bring to surface childhood issues linked to my present struggles and removed blocks which were holding me back.  I found in the session it was incredibly easy to open up and make myself understood, Karen was incredibly helpful and supportive, very easy to talk to even on most private concerns.  I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the session and it was easy to talk about my unpleasant experiences and struggles to move through them.

I would certainly come again for another session if I ever needed to and would recommend Karen to my friends as I found it incredibly helpful.  One session was all I had and I found it great value for the money.

Thank you so much Karen for believing in me more than I did and being so dedicated and passionate about your job. You had a great impact towards helping me overcome the worst anxiety I was going through! I am so incredibly happy that I met you!  My partner is grateful too and can definitely see the change in me. Thank you.

Daniela (Portsmouth)


I first came to see Karen as I was at an all time low and very depressed. I had lost my self-respect, I had no drive or energy to do anything. I had lost complete interest in myself and my life and my work was suffering. I’d let my personal appearance really slide and I was at the point of giving up when I found Karen and spoke to her about my issues. Karen kept in touch throughout the process for several weeks after to make sure any questions I had after the session and whilst listening to the recording each night, where addressed. This is the best self-investment I’ve ever made in myself and saved me heaps at a time when I didn’t have money to spend on a weekly therapist or the time to wait on my doctors referral list for CBT or talk therapy.

Karen listened attentively and without judgement to my life story and after just one session I was amazed at the changes in me.

The day after the session, I visited family and the second I walked through the door and said hello, I was greeted with…. something’s different about you, you look different, your body looks completely different, you’re carrying yourself different, what have you been up to?

How amazing is that!!

My energy levels have gone through the roof, I cleaned my car both inside and out (I’ve never done that, ever)! The last two days I have woken up an hour before my alarm absolutely wide awake, and without the horrid feeling in my stomach I’m accustomed to, really quite positive of the day ahead, a brilliant start!

I’ve instantly become far far healthier in my diet.. have gone from drinking no water to a litre or two a day.. without even really thinking about it, I seem to just naturally do it now which I have never done. Again, brilliant!

My happiness and motivation are far higher than certainly most of my adult life. Even though I’ve been happier the last couple of weeks, I was still having negative thoughts but I learnt to flip them since the session. I can’t even think of negative things, even if I try to.. not just brilliant, incredible!!! My body shape seems to be different since Sunday too, my posture is better and I seem to have lost weight! Not sure if that’s possible in two days but certainly looks different!

I’ve also been talking to someone local and will be meeting up for a date with her very soon.

I did have a strange (but brilliant) thing happen last night, whilst I was listening to the recording last night I started getting the feeling in my stomach that felt like a fireball and I started getting a really intense feeling of desire, not a desire for a version thing, like a drug or food, but just a real burning desire without any external thing attached to it, it was very profound, it really moved me.

So you can probably tell by my feedback that it’s going rather well, I can’t thank you enough Karen, the last couple of weeks since we first spoke are already gearing up to be probably the most profound, insightful time of my adult life and I am genuinely in tears of joy writing this. It’s quite amazing what the therapy has done already, I can only imagine what the next few months are going to bring for me.. absolute life changer!

One month later…………

My reality is completely different now to be honest, I look back at how I was a month ago and can’t imagine even being that depressed and unhappy at any point, it’s like looking back at somebody else, its very strange but also quite lovely, I don’t remember anytime when I’ve been this content and happy and I’m now turning into a person that I thought I could never be! Once again, I can’t thank you enough!!!

Justin (Alton)


I came to Karen after suffering with OCD and Anxiety since I was a teenager. I found the session really relaxing and interesting.  It helped me to understand my issues by making me realise I’m not the same person where my anxieties laid anymore.

I found Karen really interesting, friendly and helpful to work with and have recommended her to friends and family already.

It has really helped me improve my home life and work, I haven’t been this far ahead of customer numbers in about a year!  Normally I would already be behind at this point for the month but the way things are going I believe it has been a really good investment, it’s helped me let go and do things more quickly and calmly. Thank you for everything.

Dan (Bordon)


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I came to Karen for health Anxiety and OCD; I had a fear of being around anyone that was unwell.  I found the session really helpful, it was very relaxed, informative and eye opening.

Karen is a fantastic listener, easy to talk to, kind, always on hand for advice and encouragement and extremely personable.  She is very easy to work with and makes you feel supported and guided throughout the whole journey. She is also incredibly organised and prepared for every session.

I would definitely recommend her and work with her again, the session was great value for money.

Abi (Andover)


I came to Karen after suffering for years with chronic fatigue and anxiety which the Doctors weren’t helping me with at all. I had had many sessions of talk therapy and CBT over the years and although they picked up the pieces from my trauma and I managed to get things out in the open, they never really addressed the exhaustion and anxiety that still followed me around and appeared, what seemed at the time to me, to be out of nowhere. Constantly going through this cycle of therapy, going over the same issues was in itself exhausting and difficult emotionally and in the end I disassociated myself from my emotions completely, which brought it’s own problems.

The session with Karen itself was very relaxed, I was able to address the cause of my behaviours without having to over analyse it and I could look at really painful situations and memories without hours and hours of talking. When I came out of the hypnosis state, I felt no ill effects, I was not drained, in fact I felt lighter and more relaxed than ever. There is absolutely nothing to fear from hypnosis, you are fully aware of what is happening the whole way through, but on a different level that doesn’t leave you feeling tired and upset.

I can 100% say that the session with Karen helped me to understand why I behave the way I do, in ways I would never have thought about before (and trust me, I like to over analyse). Sometimes the things you think have shaped you, are not in fact the main cause at all. Now I can see my behaviours for what they are, and deal with them in a calm, considered and confident way.

Karen put me at ease instantly, she made me feel welcome, understood and calm. She has always followed up and checked in on my progress and genuinely cares about helping people learn to heal themselves.

I would absolutely recommend working with Karen and have already done so, and will continue to do so, she has truly changed my life for the better, I’m so grateful.

I was paying £75 per week for CBT which actually made my anxiety worse. I dreaded going to the sessions and felt awful afterwards as well, compared to the cost of the CBT and the fact that it made me feel worse, I would highly recommend hypnotherapy as an alternative solution to emotional / behavioural challenges you may be facing.

Genuinely, this has been the best thing I have done for me in a very long time.

If you are here, reading this, you have been struggling and feel like you don’t have many options left to try. I have suffered with anxiety, depression and crippling fatigue for over 10 years and doctors/therapists never really helped, this has and continues to help me learn more about myself and others. Try it, you really don’t have anything to lose and so much to gain!

Aly H (Southampton)


I came to see Karen for anxiety – in particular an overwhelming sense of dread and fear that had no logical reason behind it. I knew that these feelings were illogical but I could not stop them or move forward from them.

The session was great Karen puts you at ease straight away, I had never been hypnotised before and didn’t know what to expect. Karen explained everything and I found the session really interesting. It amazed me that we were able to look into my past and very obvious reasons for the anxiety appeared.

It has helped me tremendously I now don’t suffer with anxiety.

I listened to my recording religiously as I could see and feel the difference it was making. It is great that as the weeks go by I realise the difference it has made to my everyday life and that overwhelming feeling that used to be there is no longer holding me back. I am excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to get on with my life.

Karen is great to work with and from the first phone call enquiry through to our final email she has been supportive and encouraging. The session itself is great but I think it is the follow up aftercare support Karen gives that really helps you to keep going and stay on track. Even if something comes up and you haven’t listened to the recording as often as you wanted to Karen encourages you to keep going and finds the positive in what you have achieved so far. Karen helps you to see the progress you have made and this keeps you focused so you can achieve your goals.

I would definitely work with Karen again if the need arose and I would encourage anyone who is struggling with something to give her a call. It could change your whole perspective and outlook on life!

Kelly S (Portsmouth)


I came to Karen for help with confidence and low self esteem. I found the session very useful and enlightening as to why I am what I am. It was very interesting working with Karen to uncover some things in my childhood and teenage years which gave me the attitudes and loss of self confidence I had adopted in adulthood. It has helped me to learn that I no longer have to have those attitudes and that I can choose to be confident now I have seen the causes and can dismiss them.

Karen is very approachable and understanding and helped identify the issues quickly and has been a great in support after with follow up.

Clare P (Southampton)


I previously had 12 sessions of traditional counselling which achieved nothing and after only 1 session with Karen it got to the root cause of my problems and set me on the right path.

Karen sensitively and skillfully got to the root of what was holding me back, problems I had buried away in the past and had avoided dealing with. I honestly felt a weight lift off my shoulders and a clear path open up for me to see and meet my future goals which I have been focused on and relentlessly progressing with since the session. I had been procrastinating and beating myself up for years, Karen enabled me to identify and resolve why I had been doing it.

Karen is very professional and  I thoroughly recommend her to anybody with a problem to solve. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me.

Rob K (Havant)


I came to see Karen for help to defeat my depression and to get rid of my feeling of unworthiness, I needed to unblock what was keeping me stuck.  I found the session very surreal, I was curious as to how it would work but it did and I am grateful and amazed.  Working with Karen was very pleasant and free flowing. I felt nervous at first but Karen is very friendly and polite and made me feel welcome and relaxed.

Having had the session with Karen, I feel a lot calmer, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. For the first time in my 28 years of existence, I finally have it clear what my goals are in life. Karen suggested a few things, one of them being a vision board, which I put a lot of thought and passion into, it’s on my kitchen wall, where I see it everyday and it gives me focus.  I certainly would work with Karen again and have recommended her to several of my friends and family, who I made aware I was going to see Karen.  I have also recommended Karen to friends who are having their own battles as I believe it would benefit them.

Thank you again Karen, you’re fantastic!

Robyn R (Southampton)


I contacted Karen for help to stop smoking. I have tried many different approaches to stopping before including hypnotherapy but have not managed to stay stopped. I was really impressed by Karen’s thorough approach to planning the session. Our pre-session telephone conversation and the questions Karen asked me to consider and submit by email helped me to really think about what I wanted for myself.

Karen is a warm, genuine and welcoming person and I felt very comfortable working with her. During the session, I was relaxed and really did feel my conscious mind had drifted off to allow the conversation with my subconscious.

Following the session, I have listened to the recording every day which Karen then adapted to suit my needs further, which was great.

I have not smoked, and I don’t want to smoke, I am indifferent to other people smoking and I am feeling so much better in myself in so many ways.

I would recommend Karen to others, I think if you really want to change something, Karen is definitely able to help you get there. I am continuing to work with Karen on other issues because her approach is clearly working for me!

Mandy R (Portsmouth)


I loved the session thank you! I have been habitually late to most things in my life including school, work, weddings, social events, everything in fact. When I haven’t been late I have literally been ‘just’ on time after a manic last minute stressful rush. Being early for anything made me feel really uncomfortable and was something to avoid. It was so fascinating to see where this came from and to finally understand why. It all made perfect sense and it was such a good feeling to realise that I don’t need to live that rush any more or go through the stress.

It has been lovely to be able to get to where I need to be in plenty of time, and to feel calm and comfortable about it. I have actually enjoyed having that extra time to relax and chat before an event and I feel at ease planning my journey times to factor in arriving early. I realise that may not seem difficult to most people but to me it is life changing!

I love the recording and it is nice and specific spot on. You clearly have a lot of knowledge and articulate it well. Thank you.

Rachael L (Gosport)


I had the pleasure of being treated by Karen for anxiety which I had suffered from for many years and was holding me to ransom; restricting my ability to progress my life in the direction I wanted to both personally and professionally. When we met, Karen welcomed me in an immensely warming and friendly way, having previously spoken on the phone and talked via email, where she explained how she would be able to help me and asked about me and my life, enabling her to gain an understanding of all my challenges.

The therapy session itself was unlike anything I’d experienced; it was incredibly relaxing, safe and unpressurised.

During my session, Karen helped me identify the key moments from my youth which had shaped the person I had become and wanted to change; life-affecting anxiety and a longing to fit in. These moments were then discussed from several angles and I was given the opportunity to challenge the behaviours I experienced and then rationalise what happened and change my life. One of the amazing things for me, was I was able to vividly recall tiny details from events that had taken place over 30 years ago, that I thought I’d forgotten all about, because of the relaxed state Karen had me in.

When I “woke” I felt a huge mix of feelings; utter elation, a desire to do new things, immensely calm but also very emotionally drained having fought my demons and beaten them.

Within a few hours of my session, people were already commenting on how much more confident I was and how pleased they were to see it.

Two days on, I feel incredible; the daily recording Karen provided reaffirms everything she and I went through and is helping me feel stronger and better in myself all the time; something I was longing for. I can not praise the work Karen does highly enough and anyone who wants to change or challenge any aspect of their life SHOULD contact her. If you truly want to improve your life, then I believe she will help you become the person you want to be.

Adam Norris (Chichester)

Please read on for the next installment…….

ANXIETY & PANIC – (Progress update, 2 weeks after the 1st and only session)

Hi Karen, I just wanted you to know this morning I had my first meeting with strangers since our session; it went without a hitch, no nervous moments beforehand, whenever I was asked anything I had confidence in my voice and had no stuttering moments. Thank you again for everything you did and helped me with during our session.

Adam Norris (Chichester)

ANXIETY & PANIC – (Progress update, 6 weeks after 1st and only session)

Hi Karen,
As you saw from the photo’s of the wedding I was having a great time being on the carousel. I didn’t care what anyone who saw thought; my brother in law saw me having fun and couldn’t stop laughing! My sister said it was one of the highlights of her wedding, seeing me enjoying myself so confidently!
What was more wonderful for me was being able to walk into the church as the last person with my mum and have no nerves or anticipation that people would be looking at me. I was my sister’s witness and whilst everything was being sorted she commented that there were a lot of people watching; again I found my self embracing it, not worried at all that I was being watched!
I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve helped me with; I’m loving the person that I’ve blossomed into and am continuing to sing your praises to anyone who will listen!!!

Adam Norris (Chichester)


Finally I was able to deliver a presentation well, where all my words came out naturally without stumbling or silences. I could think on my feet just as I wanted to and I received good feedback from a couple of colleagues.

This new confidence has spanned to other areas of my life and enabled me to move forward in ways I hadn’t envisaged before. Thank you so much for all you have done working with me over the last few months, I no longer feel held back in the way I did.

I can safely say the work we have done has changed my life, so a heartfelt thank you to you Karen.

LH (Portsmouth)


I met with Karen whilst going through a particularly difficult and emotional period, the like of which I had experienced several times before with high anxiety, low confidence and self esteem.

Working with Karen was an excellent experience. Having not had hypnotherapy before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found it calming, reassuring and the outcome more than I could have expected.

Karen is extremely professional in her approach, she took time to review with me the areas that I wanted to address; whilst questions were never invasive, they were enough to allow her to determine the right approach for me.

The result of Karen’s sessions and listening to her recordings not only helped me to resolve the challenges I was facing but also gave me coping mechanisms to face those challenges, giving me the strength, clarity and confidence that I was always lacking before. It enabled me to recognise triggers within myself, giving me the strength and self belief to overcome negative thoughts and dealing with negative people.

One year on and as a result of Karen’s sessions, I am a stronger, more self assured person and relieved that I took the help I needed.

Amy (Southampton)


I first met Karen 15 months ago. I had already gained a lot from reading and listening to Marisa Peer’s work, and was recommended Karen after contacting the Marisa Peer team.

I had a number of quite deep-rooted issues which I had been trying to work through for a long time, and were not simple to address. Karen used RTT and most, if not all, of the Marisa Peer techniques plus others, to address these issues over a number of sessions and gave me my own personal recordings to listen to. She was also sensitive to which of the techniques were most effective and those which I felt less comfortable with, and I felt quite rapidly understood me and the origins of the problems I have encountered. I have undoubtedly benefited greatly from my work with her.

Of note, I feel she has also gone far more than the extra mile for me, giving me much more input than would have been required for a more simple phobia or other single issue.

I would certainly recommend Karen to anyone seeking such help/input, and will always remain very grateful for what she has done for me.

A Client (Portsmouth)