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Brightside · Waterlooville · UK  England · Hampshire ·  PO7 7BA
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Self Harm

Self Harm

Do you feel life is not worth living, that you’re a burden and others will be better off without you? Have you tried to hurt yourself to deflect from the emotional pain or distress you are feeling?

Suicide or attempted suicide are associated with several reasons. These can be due to physical illnesses or chronic pain where the sufferer feels they have had enough. Psychological illness such as depression and associated addictions also increase the risk of suicide, where there are feelings of hopelessness and low self worth. Believing there is no way out of your despair, thinking that no one can help you and that you’re not worth saving can lead to thoughts of ending it all.

Self-harm is not a cry for help, it can be a need to convert mental pain into physical pain, to find release. To distract from emotions such as self-loathing, guilt, emptiness, sadness, self punishment or the need to break away from the numb feeling inside as to self-harm invokes an awakening.

    Signs to look out for:

  • Becoming withdrawn and talking about ‘not being able to go on like this any longer or that life will be better without them
  • Getting their financial affairs in order, writing their will
  • Abusing alcohol and drugs and talking of escaping
  • Cut marks on the body
  • Burn marks on the body
  • Inserting foreign objects into the body

Whilst there are more suicides amongst men than there are women, there are more cases or self-harm in women than men. These desires usually stem from feelings of depression or low self worth which can be attributable to abuse or some other intense emotional and or physical pain. Hypnotherapy will enable you to face these issues and with the inner child technique deal with the emotional pain which is causing these feelings and will allow you to be free of them. Let me rebuild your self-worth and confidence so you believe that you deserve and can have a happy life.

Treatments also available for associated addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling and compulsive shopping which at the time appear to help with escapism but end up compounding issues.

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