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Brightside · Waterlooville · UK  England · Hampshire ·  PO7 7BA
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Do you find yourself unable to cope with work or other activities that you once used to enjoy? Do you feel overworked or overloaded?

Stress or work-related stress has a tendency to creep up on you. Something you once did and used to enjoy can change and become something you find hard to cope with and no longer look forward to. When overloaded and stressed your body and mind is knocked off balance and the feeling of not being able to perform a task or activity you were once able to do washes over you, you can’t think straight or see the wood for the trees, you flounder and feel ineffective and stupid. You feel you can’t cope any more.

    Signs to look out for:

  • Heart beats harder and faster, breathing becomes irregular
  • You look pale and shaky
  • Your thinking is affected, you find it difficult to focus and concentrate
  • You may suffer headaches and/or balance problems
  • Your muscles tense and knot
  • Your sleep is affected
  • You feel mentally drained, tired and unable to cope

When our bodies encounter stress both mental and physical changes occur such as headaches, stomach problems, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and even musculoskeletal problems or pain in our joints. By identifying the trigger or triggers for the stress and taking steps to relieve the cause you reduce the effect. Together we can set about rebuilding your confidence and arming you with phenomenal coping skills which will enable you to come back stronger both mentally and physically.

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