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Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake up too early and feel tired? Or do you suffer with restless legs at night, sleep walk, fall asleep excessively during the day or drop off suddenly and without warning?

There are various forms of sleep disorders, otherwise known as insomnia. At times everyone will experience some kind of interruption in their normal sleep patterns, perhaps when worried or excited about an event. However, when this becomes a regular or long term occurrence it can be detrimental to your health and well-being. You may become irritable and lose concentration, possibly even falling asleep behind the wheel of a car or when at work.

    Signs to look out for:

  • Drugs or prescription medication which contain opiates, caffeine, steroids or mood enhancers
  • Problems such as musculoskeletal pain, carpal tunnel, pregnancy, depression, asthma or the menopause
  • Not sleeping properly for longer periods of time due to early starts or that Sunday night feeling
  • An irresistible urge to move your legs and periodic limb movements during the night
  • An uncontrollable need to sleep, lasting circa 30 minutes which may also cause paralysis
  • Stopping breathing whilst sleeping which wakes you with a jolt
  • Sleep walking where you get up from your bed and do things you have no memory of when told
  • Sleep terrors where you awake shouting or screaming clambering out of bed, heart racing

Bedrooms should be a place of peaceful retreat, not full of electrical devices or TV’s which stimulate the brain before bedtime and a mattress which suits your body type. Men and women tend not to like the same firmness when it comes to mattresses, this is due to our different body shapes. If you have the perfect sleeping arrangement and you still cannot sleep, then fixing the physical or psychological problems which are causing the insomnia will help you to sleep more peacefully.

Hypnotherapy will help you relax and will allow sleep to come to you, easily and effortlessly. Where deeper issues lie such as with sleep terrors, sleepwalking, narcolepsy or apnoea as noted above, hypnotherapy can explore and help fix these problem by getting to the root cause and dealing with it.

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