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Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression

Are you feeling guilty for not being full of excitement with the joys of motherhood? Instead are you feeling tired, irritable and unable to cope after giving birth and worried if you tell anyone they may take your baby away?

Most women experience some feelings of tiredness and low mood after giving birth, more so if the birth did not go to plan. These feelings are perfectly normal and are referred to as the ‘baby blues’. However if these feelings continue for more than 2 or 3 weeks you would be wise to seek further help and support . There can be varying levels of depression that may result after childbirth, these range from low mood, to feeling hopeless unable to cope and / or worried that you may harm yourself or the baby although these thoughts are rarely ever carried out.

    Signs to look out for:

  • Feeling low, especially in the morning
  • Being short-tempered, irritable and tearful
  • Feeling unable to cope
  • Having feelings of guilt for not enjoying motherhood
  • Feeling hopeless, helpless and worried your baby may get taken away
  • Lack of energy and interest in life
  • Wanting to sleep and rest instead of looking after the baby
  • Not wanting to be around your baby or to look after it
  • Having obsessive thoughts about your baby, its health or that it may come to harm
  • Excessive cleaning

There is a huge expectation on mums to be happy with their choice, to bond with their baby, to accept their life as a mother. Yet when a new born comes along the sudden realisation that life will never be the same and the enormity of the responsibility can have an effect when hormones are unbalanced and you are sleep deprived. With hypnotherapy you can deal with less sleep as you can sleep more beneficially and more deeply for the hours you receive. You will quickly understand why you feel as you do and come to terms with the changes quickly and develop phenomenal coping skills.

Treatments also available for associated addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling and compulsive shopping which at the time appear to help with escapism but end up compounding issues.

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