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Brightside · Waterlooville · UK  England · Hampshire ·  PO7 7BA
07475 451851

Hypnotherapy does not induce physical sleep as some people believe, nor is it stage hypnotism where you can be made to act out and do things you would not wish to do when awake. Hypnotherapy is not magic, it is a science and is all to do with the power of positive suggestion. It is completely safe, natural and relaxing. Most of us go into some kind of trance like state every day. When day dreaming out of the window or driving in our car and suddenly you realise you have reached your destination but you weren’t really focused on the journey. We have all done it in some shape or form.

The same concept occurs in hypnotherapy, your conscious mind drifts away and I work with your unconscious mind which is reported to be one million times more powerful than your conscious mind. To access the unconscious mind we go to a level which is the same as when you first start to fall asleep, the Alpha stage where you experience Rapid Eye Movements (REM’s) just before sleep comes upon you. By means of regression I will take you back to a scene in your life which is believed to be the block that is preventing you from being the person you wish you could be today, you do not relive this moment you will simply be reviewing it.

Regression is carried out several times during the session until the most significant blocks have been addressed and cleared.  Once these blocks have been addressed and together we have changed the way you think and feel about past issues, I replace old limiting thoughts and beliefs with new ones that leave you feeling at peace, happy and inspired.

It is important to note you remain completely in control throughout the whole of the session and can stop at any time by simply saying you wish to do so.  Sessions usually last anywhere between 1.5 and 4 hours. Some people need a natural break in between which proves you are in control and can come out of hypnosis at any time and easily go back in, it is completely safe and very relaxing.

What I need from you

Now here’s the catch….. hypnosis will only work if you really want to change your habits of a lifetime.  If you don’t want to change, then don’t waste your money or time, wait until you are sure.  Also ensure you find a therapist that you feel comfortable and at ease with. You have to be 100% committed to the program and listen to the bespoke recording which is made especially for you as it revolves around your own personal session.

You must listen to it for at least 21 days or until you feel the ‘shift’ where you have fully adopted your new beliefs and they become automatic and who you are.  At first you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you. Then I recommend listening to the recording whenever you feel you may need a top up, it’s yours to keep.

The live regression session will clear the blocks whilst the recording will embed the change permanently as it can take a minimum of 3 weeks to completely erase an old habit and replace it with a new one…..  How amazing is that, 3 weeks or so to change the habit of a lifetime?!  It is a no brainer but you’d be amazed how many people unless this point is driven home don’t think they need to listen to it.  They get off to a flying start thinking they don’t need to listen to the recording and then wonder why their old habits start to show themselves again, creeping back in.  I fully recommend that you continue with your own self development after the 3 weeks to keep moving forward with the changes you require in your life, working with the new coping strategies and skills I teach you.  To continue your journey, to nurture and grow these newly laid neuro pathways so they become stronger and stronger so you cannot be drawn back to old ways of thinking or responding. 

It’s like going to the gym, investing in yourself to get fit and a body you are proud of only then to stop and think you can sustain the change by doing nothing. It’s the same with your mind, you have to keep working on your mental health in the same way you do your physical health.  Every day working with the new tools and concepts we share together during the session over the following 3 weeks whilst you listen to the recording and beyond.  

I liken it to a trip to your GP.  If you went to your doctor for a medical condition and he or she prescribed you with a pill to take for 3 weeks to make you better, I expect all of you would start the medication…. some of you might stop after 1 week, some after 2 but I’d like to think most of you would finish the course of treatment.  Now if you were told your life depended on it I guarantee you would stick with the medication for the full 3 weeks.  Now that is the mind set and commitment needed for hypnotherapy. How much do you really want to get better? Is 21 days of listening to a recording too much to ask?  You will know when to stop listening to it after the 21 days, as you will notice a shift in your thinking and actions, the new habit will become who you are and not what you are trying to be.

It will feel perfectly natural and will not require a conscious effort or an act of will on your part any more. So the key is to keep listening to the recording until you feel this shift happen, if it happens within 21 days great, but you must continue to listen to embed the change for the full 3 weeks at least so the old habits do not start to creep back in.  Our brains love what is familiar to us and will try to return you to your old habits unless you stick with the program.  Everyone of us is unique and results and timescales do vary and some may need to listen to the recording for longer depending on how deep the level of change is that’s required.

Due to Covid-19 all sessions are currently taking place on-line via Zoom video link and are proving just as effective as face to face.  Consultation contact and follow-up is via email and phone.