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Brightside · Waterlooville · UK  England · Hampshire ·  PO7 7BA
07475 451851

About Me

Karen Williams
Cl.Hyp, C.Hyp, GQHP, Dip NLP, Cert Level 2 Counselling, AMHFA, Pg Cert P&D

Member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

I specialise in Anxiety, Depression and associated dependencies such as drugs, alcohol and gambling. Although the stigma surrounding mental health is starting to lift with the help of charity organisations, the royal family, celebrities and social media sites, there is still much work to be done.

Why did I choose to specialise in Anxiety and Depression instead of areas such as weight loss or phobias? I realised one evening, on a night in with friends, that all of us had been touched by poor mental health and it pained me to see the anguish on my friend’s faces knowing there was nothing they could do to help their loved ones. I completely connected with their feelings of hopelessness. Within our circle of friends and family, our loved ones had either suffered or were still suffering with various forms of mental illness. It ranged from stress and anxiety to varying degrees of depression, with and without a reliance on drugs or alcohol to suicidal thoughts and actions. It was then that I knew what path I would follow. I was determined to help as many people overcome anxiety and depression before it was too late.  Giving them and their families back what was rightfully theirs, happy, joyful lives. To this end I have worked with people just like you with great success in helping them to resolve past issues and get their lives back on track. My work creates a ripple effect through other peoples lives too as family and friends happily notice the improvement in my clients and are also grateful.

I started out and trained to be a Counsellor some years ago but after qualifying I decided against going into the profession full-time. Whilst talk therapies work well and are better suited to some people more than others, I wanted to help people as quickly as possible to overcome what was holding them back. We live in a fast pace world, people and society have come to expect fast results and now demand it, faster broad band, fast food, fast trains, you get the picture. Educated to degree level, I have worked in the Corporate world of Human Resources for many years and found the skills I had learned from Counselling and NLP to be invaluable when demonstrating empathy and in providing support to people who were troubled by mental health problems. To bring about faster change, I re-trained and qualified in Hypnotherapy, having trained with Marisa Peer, Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. I am also an Adult Mental Health First Aider, approved by MHFA England, Royal Society for Public Health which has given me the tools to assess and support with poor mental health in the workplace.

Most anxiety conditions can be dealt with in 1 session whilst others that involve depression or associated dependencies require 2 or 3 sometimes more, everyone of us is different and results can vary.

In my experience mental health issues are usually caused by fairly traumatic or significant life changing events, most of them not of your doing. 95% of the issues or shame you carry around with you has been put there by someone else or something else. This could be due to an unpleasant early childhood event, being bullied at school or at work, losing a loved one or being made redundant, the list goes on. If left untreated these issues and feelings turn inwards causing mental health issues and can also manifest physical conditions within the body.  The great news is, there is help available for you right now if you recognise yourself in any of what I have said.

How amazing will you feel when you can finally Heal those Outdated Past Experiences and move on? Yes there is HOPE, you are not alone. Let me help you get back your life and to start living again, to be free of your issues and transform your life. You are not alone.  Contact me for a FREE no obligation 30 minute chat or send me your questions via email or contact form if you prefer. Best wishes, Karen

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