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Brightside · Waterlooville · UK  England · Hampshire ·  PO7 7BA
07533 606333
Mental Health – my experience of someone needing help

Mental Health – my experience of someone needing help

Your problem may start with pressure at work or at home and if left unchecked could lead to stress, anxiety, panic attacks which can turn into low moods, irritability, crazy thoughts, a lack of desire to get out of bed, to go to work, to socialise or to not even bother with your partner or children. It may lead to rows at home and if you have kids, they probably end up getting caught in the middle of the fights between you and your partner. One of the teens probably even ends up trying to look after you, yet you’re supposed to be their carer, right?

Sadly because you don’t have anything visibly wrong with you, those around you don’t understand what you are going through. Friends, family and work colleagues start out being supportive but eventually end up thinking or actually saying, why can’t you just ‘pull yourself together’ and get up and get on with your life? If only it were that simple.

You begin to beat yourself up, you don’t know why this is happening to you. Dark thoughts enter your mind and the critical nagging voices in your head begin talking to you. You tell yourself everyone will be better off without you. You feel worthless, hopeless, a waste of space. At this stage, when things can’t possibly get any worse, you turn to alcohol or drugs to make you feel better, to escape… but when the effects wear off, you find yourself planning your next escape and so it goes round again. Your actions become toxic it causes major upset between you and your loved ones and you are ashamed of yourself but you just can‘t STOP! You may even start to self-harm or tell people you are going to kill yourself….. you may have already tried.

Some of you reading this will think this is a very bleak picture, whilst others will totally connect with it. Don’t leave it too late to let me help you. Call me for a FREE no obligation 20 minute chat, or send me a note if you prefer to talk by email. HOPE is available to you. Heal Outdated Past Experiences now.

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